Push with Live 11 - Release Notes

Push 1.2.5 and Live 11.3.25

May 8, 2024

New features and improvements

Push 3

  • Updated Push’s firmware to version 1.4.4. This addresses the following issues:

    • Improved analog output and headphone muting in various situations. 
    • Reduced and in some cases fully eliminated grey screen artefacts at the display's edge. 
    • Increased effective speed of quick ERP turns. 
    • Corrected ADC signal polarity. 
    • Fixed some issues with the pads' Z-axis processors.
  • On Windows, when selecting Push's audio interface in Live, a message will be shown if the installed audio driver is not the latest version.
  • The shutdown confirmation dialog is now shown on Push 3 in Control Mode.
  • Made the following adjustments to the notifications displayed when interacting with the main volume encoder:

    • In Main out or Headphone mode, the notification showing the value now includes an icon.

    • The notification shown when touching the main volume encoder now says “Preview & Cue Volume”.


Push 3

  • Users will no longer experience performance degradation when changing parameter values.

  • Recording can now be triggered by pressing the Session Record button once after a track has been armed via long-press.
  • It is now possible to reset Simpler’s PB Range and Note PB parameters to their default values by holding the Delete button and touching the corresponding parameter encoders.
  • When copying a clip onto a slot that already has a clip, Push will now show the new clip’s playing state on the pads as expected.
  • In Session Screen Mode, the border around the current clip will now always be in the correct place.
  • When creating a clip by adding notes in a step sequencer, that clip’s length will now be adjusted as expected when using different meter settings.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when editing per step note values in clips that contained a lot of MPE data.
  • Selecting the Beats warp mode via the Loop Mode parameter in Simpler now also changes the respective setting in Live.
  • If Record Quantization has been enabled before activating Note Repeat, it will be re-enabled as soon as Note Repeat is deactivated.
  • Fixed a bug in the Wavetable device where changing the Pitch parameter without holding Shift would only display whole semitone values, instead of including all the values in between as well.
  • Items in the Collections menu of the browser are now sorted alphabetically.
  • The Load Next and Load Previous buttons are now hidden when leaving a folder or category in Hot-Swap Mode.
  • When playing notes on the pads, the Delete, Duplicate, and Select buttons can be used in Session Screen Mode.
  • It is no longer possible to edit an audio clip in Clip View while it is being recorded.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some of Simpler’s parameters to disappear when loading a sample into the device.
  • Pressing the Shift and Play buttons while Live is not playing will now set the play position to 1.1.1.
  • Fixed a bug where using Push in Control Mode to remove a folder from Places in Live resulted in the contents of the folder being deleted from the User Library.
  • When deleting a clip, the pads in Session Mode and the display in Session View are now updated immediately, as expected.
  • Push 3 used in Control Mode will no longer show a blank display and will now work as expected even when used in some unconventional operating system setups.
  • Fixed a bug which caused the display to zoom in on the waveform when using the x2 button to double an audio clip’s tempo.
  • Fixed a UI glitch that caused text to overlap with other UI elements in the External Instrument device.
  • When touching an encoder mapped to a chain's volume while holding the Delete button, the volume parameter is now reset to its default value as expected.
  • Deleting the contents of a drum pad when in a device’s Edit Mode now updates the display correctly.
  • When setting one of Collision's resonators to Pipe or Tube, the respective quality parameter is now correctly shown as disabled.
  • It is now possible to power down Push when in User Mode as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Input & Output device list was not correctly updated after unplugging / plugging in a MIDI device.
  • Fixed a bug in Simpler, where the waveform would disappear when Simpler was grouped in an Instrument Rack.
  • The Software tab in the Setup menu now shows the firmware package version instead of the XMOS firmware version when using Push in Control Mode.
  • Wavetable's PB range is now consistent on Live and Push when mapped to OSC Pitch.
  • After adjusting the main output and tempo at the same time with the Volume and Tempo encoders, touching the Volume encoder again will now result in a notification about the change being shown in the display immediately.
  • A selected device inside a folded Drum Rack is now displayed correctly.
  • The parameters of a device selected in a folded Drum Rack can now be step automated.
  • Fixed a Live crash that occurred when adding a device to a group device chain from Push's browser when the Arrangement View was open in Live.
  • When using Push after recovering a Set from a previous crash, it is now possible to add modulatable parameters of Wavetable as targets to the Modulation Matrix.
  • Fixed an issue where a long sample without warp markers would be sliced into a Drum Rack.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when adding an instrument while a MIDI Effect Rack's device was selected.
  • After adding a parameter to a Modulation Matrix from Push the Matrix view will now display the correct (updated) list of parameters on the left hand side.
  • In Session Mode, the pads now properly reflect the state of group track clip slots when they are triggered while the playback is stopped.
  • Live no longer hangs when extracting chains from Drum Racks with Push 3 connected.

Push 3 Standalone Mode Only

  • When authorizing Push in Standalone Mode, the details in the Software tab of the Setup menu will now be updated immediately after the authorization process is completed.

  • Fixed an issue where very large Sets would fail to load in Standalone Mode.
  • Fixed an issue where Sets would not show up in Push’s browser after downgrading from Live 12 to Live 11.
  • Fixed a bug in Standalone mode that caused the context menu for Sets in the browser to not appear when nudging the jog wheel to the right.
  • The following Control Surfaces will now work again when using Push 3 in Standalone Mode: APC Mini, APC mini MK2, Launchkey Mini mkIII, Launchpad MK2, APC40 MK1, APC40 mk2, Launchpad Pro MK3, Push 1.
  • When switching from using Push in Control Mode to Standalone Mode, any volume changes made using the macOS/Windows system controls will be reset.
  • Max for Live devices that use the jstrigger object will now work on Push.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Push USB recovery from working in some cases.

Push 3 & 2

  • In Analog’s LFO parameter bank on Push 3, the LFO 1/2 Retrig Off parameters now work as expected.
  • Shortened some modulation parameter names in Drift’s parameter bank for easier readability.
  • Push 2 and 3 should start when tethered to Live on Windows, even if the user has many other MIDI devices connected at the same time.
  • In Simpler: The rightmost upper display button can now be used for toggling LFO. LFO Retrig can now be toggled using the third upper display button from the left. Added the LFO > Pan and LFO > Pitch parameters.
  •  In Analog's parameter bank: Added a Velocity modulation source to the Modulation tab and exposed Amp, Filter and Env modulation in the tab. Updated the Vel > Amp Env Atk parameter to Vel > Amp1 and Vel > Amp2. Updated the Vel > Flt Env Atk parameter to Vel > Freq1 and Vel > Freq2. 
  • In Collision's parameter bank: Added the Mallet and Noise Vol parameters to the Mix tab. Added a Resonator selector to the Mix tab, with parameters displayed dynamically depending on which resonator is selected. Added the Noise Freq Env Amount parameter to the Modulation tab.
  • In Velocity's parameter bank: Added the Operator parameter as a three-way switch. 
  • In Redux's parameter bank: Added the missing Dry/Wet control.