Live 10 Beta Release Notes

10.0.2b8 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Reverted the addition of the flat symbol in the MIDI Editor.


  • On Windows 10 1803 with HiDPI enabled, drag&drop will work as expected between Live, plugins and Max and the Explorer.

Push bugfixes:

  • Fixed a scenario where the Push 2 display could crash when  hotswapping AU plugins presets.

10.0.2b7 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • When connected, the Novation Launchpad S and Launchpad Mini control surfaces are now automatically selected in the Preferences.
  • Fades no longer snap to the Arrangement View grid.


  • Fixed a problem which might prevent AU presets from recalling correctly.

Changes for Max for Live:

  • Firewall permissions dialog is appropriately suppressed in the Max for Live editor.
  • HiDPI: improved drawing when changing Windows display settings.
  • JS: sketch methods are no longer called on non-UI js objects in js_calljsfun().
  • Max Authorization Window: improved wording and user options.
  • mgraphics: mgraphics: deletion of temp file is now ensured when reading an .svg from a Max for Live device.

10.0.2b6 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Improved the horizontal movement of a range of automation segments. Ramps are no longer created when a time selected range of automation is moved (by nudging or dragging) horizontally and is still partially within the original time range.
  • Improved playhead smoothness on Windows.


  • Fixed a crash when removing a device that showed a parameter in an additional automation lane while the mouse is hovering over the parameter's automation.
  • Positioning fade handles with arrow keys was not working correctly.
  • .M4A audio files were no longer showing up in Live's browser.
  • Plug-ins and Sets that are saved in directory junctions on Windows work again.
  • Live would crash when launching the program by double clicking a Live Set, in cases where the Live Set was corrupted.
  • When running Windows on a computer with a 4K screen and HiDPI Mode enabled, Live's UI would temporarily stop updating if the mouse hovered over an instance of the Spectrum device's breakout view.
  • Mapping Device Rack Macros to a live.remote would break under certain conditions after reloading the Set.
  • The switches on the left side of the Glue Compressor device are now centered.
  • Certain parameter names would be truncated in the left column of Wavetable's Modulation Matrix.
  • Dropping many samples onto a Simpler or a Drum Rack would take much longer in Live 10 than it did in Live 9.
  • Live could crash when loading certain Wavetable presets from the Core Library.

Changes for Push:

  • Fixed parameter sensitivities for Analog and Impulse devices on Push 2.
  • Added missing parameters and icons for Operator and Analog's parameter banks on Push 2.

10.0.2b5 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Filter curve visualisations in Wavetable are updated in real time in cases where e.g. an LFO or Envelope is mapped to the filter cutoff frequency.


  • On macOS, grid snapping would erroneously toggle when setting the Arrangement loop start/stop marker position by clicking inside the Arrangement View scrub area while holding the [CMD] modifier.
  • A crash would occur when editing the crossfade between two very short clips.
  • Live could crash on Windows when clicking on a breakpoint while holding the grid modifier.
  • On Windows, if a plug-in showed a modal dialog, the main window could not be closed while that dialog was being shown.
  • Live would crash when dragging a Live device on top of a Max for Live device.
  • The grid modifier would not toggle the grid when changing the time selection or moving the insert marker with the arrow keys.
  • Dragging a device over a Session return track header that overlapped a group device chain header would cause erratic scrolling in Session View.
  • Echo's timing would change when exporting audio at a different sample rate than the one currently in use.
  • Under certain circumstances, Wavetable's polyphonic voice stealing would cause certain notes to get stuck.
  • A crash might occur when trying to preview a Live Clip in Live's browser, if this referenced a Wavetable device.
  • Changing the MTC Start Offset in the Preferences would have no effect.

Push bugfixes:

  • Improved the touch-strip latency when working with MIDI tracks in Clip Mode on Push 2.

10.0.2b4 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • A track created by dropping a single clip into the Session or Arrangement View's Drop Area now inherits the clip color instead of the source track color. When dropping several clips at the same time, the new track still inherits the source track color, as before.
  • When Live's transport is started or if there is a jump in beat time, Echo and Wavetable LFOs now update their phase if they are beat-synced.


  • On Windows, dropping files from Addictive Drums 2 into Live works again.
  • When renaming Arrangement clips, the wrong mouse cursor would be displayed, making it difficult to insert the cursor at the desired position.
  • The grayed out text "Open Groove Pool..." in a clip's Groove Pool dropdown menu is now more visible in the Dark theme.
  • Loading a Live Set which contained an instance of Kontakt 5 on Windows would cause Live to hang.
  • Previously, the time selection status display would not get updated when selecting a clip in the Arrangement.
  • Simpler's settings would not be recalled correctly, if the device was set to Slice by Beat and its playback was not warped.
  • Live was not able to prevent entering Sleep mode or turning off the display on Windows.
  • It was no longer possible to change the number of Unison voices in Wavetable.

Changes for Push:

  • It is now possible to select wavetables in the Wavetable device on Push 1.

10.0.2b3 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Enabled vertical auto-scrolling when dragging an automation lane.
  • Reintroduced the toggle button for showing/hiding additional automation lanes.
  • Additional automation lanes are now unfolded by default.
  • Updated various info texts.
  • Added translations for the following lessons: "A Tour of Live", "Recording Audio", "Creating Beats", "Playing Software Instruments" and "Max for Live Devices".
  • The computer MIDI keyboard on/off toggle is now remembered across Live runs.
  • In Wavetable's Mod Matrix, the left column containing target names now features bars that indicate the unmodulated and modulated value of the respective parameter. Additive modulation is indicated by a bipolar bar starting from the unmodulated value, while multiplicative modulation is indicated by a unipolar bar starting from the left.


  • The Show/Hide Additional Automation Lanes button is now always visible when unfolding a track that has been folded by resizing.
  • When pressing the Option (Alt) key and clicking on a track's Unfold Track button, the position of that track does not change.
  • MIDI CC or Mixer modulation envelopes would not be taken over when dragging a clip from Arrangement to Session view.
  • File types unsupported in certain editions and when run as a ReWire slave (e.g., .amxd and .aupresets) erroneously appeared in Live's browser.
  • Fixed a bug which incorrectly applied bold formatting to chunks of text in the Help View.
  • If HiDPI was enabled on a Windows 10 machine, the preview of a dragged object (either dragged within Live or into Live) would appear offset.
  • If multiple audio clips were selected, changing a selection in the Detail View would create a wrong time selection in the Arrangement.
  • Removed inconsistent extra spacing from the context menu entry "Add Lane for Each Automated Envelope" in automation lane headers.
  • Previously, some radio buttons in certain devices displayed unreadable text.
  • On Windows with a HiDPI screen and HiDPI enabled, dragging a file from Live into Explorer works again.
  • Horizontal sliders are now black instead of white in the Dark Theme (this is particularly noticeable for plug-in device parameters in the Detail View).
  • Performing an Undo after Macro-mapping a Max parameter would leave that parameter unmapped and unusable.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the MIDI Editor:
    • when selecting one out of many selected notes, the selection would not revert to the selected note
    • when opening the context menu while hovering over a background note, and then clicking outside of the context menu, the background note would remain in a hovered state
    • when hovering over a background note, it was possible to highlight a momentarily invisible foreground note
  • Previously, the adaptive grid size of a newly created clip could sometimes be incorrectly calculated when multi-clip editing.
  • It was erroneously possible to tweak parameters in the expanded view of certain devices, even if the track was frozen.
  • Under certain circumstances, moving Wavetable and Echo parameters would not respond smoothly.
  • On certain Windows machines, attempting to authorize Live 10 would fail.
  • While running, Live would fail to update the availability of MIDI ports.
  • The animated sliders beneath the modulation target names were occasionally not showing up in Wavetable.

Changes for Push:

  • Updated the Push 2 firmware to version 1.0.63  This version contains the updated color palette for Live 10.

Max for Live changes:

  • Max 7 license owners can edit gen~ patchers in Live 10's Max for Live editor.
  • Fixed permissions issues on MacOS for non-Admin accounts.
  • Updated documentation for the Live Object Model.
  • Improved UI repainting and Live queue processing with many Max for Live devices.
  • Multicore rendering in Live is now supported also if a set contains Max for Live devices.

10.0.2b2 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Improved Wavetable's impact on CPU under certain circumstances.


  • Previously it was not possible to adjust the loop start position in unwarped audio clips without quantization.
  • AU plug-in default presets (.aupreset files) were no longer shown in the Live 10 browser.
  • Files from the "Current Project" label might fail to appear in the browser under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a Live Set contained "{}" characters in its name.
  • Upon loading a Live Set, the clip envelope parameter selection would not be restored in the Detail View.
  • When double-clicking and dragging a slider control, the mouse cursor would not be hidden as expected, if Pen Tablet Mode was disabled.
  • Meters in Live's mixer would appear as stuck when loading a Set.
  • Fixed a minor inconsistency in the height of Arrangement Clips and Clip preview notes.
  • Improved UI performance on Windows when resizing Arrangement clips.
  • The Note Ruler in the MIDI Editor can now be double-clicked to vertically zoom to all used key tracks. In a multi-clip editing scenario, notes of all clips are taken into account, whereas previously only the notes of the foreground clip were considered. Additionally, fixed a bug which prevented the vertical zoom state from initializing correctly under certain circumstances.
  • The Arpeggiator device could lead to crashes under certain circumstances.
  • Changing the control values of quantizing parameters (like Chord device's Shift parameters and Simpler/Sampler's transpose parameters) by key up or down would stop working at certain values.
  • AU plugin parameters might behave erratically when being controlled with the mouse, under certain circumstances.

Push bugfixes:

  • Fixed envelope slope visualizations in Wavetable on Push 2.

Max for Live changes:

  • File copying is now faster (this affects building standalones and Max For Live devices).
  • Restored Hints functionality.
  • live.gain~: height no longer changes when changing font.
  • Live could crash when deleting a Max for Live device which had a fullscreen window.
  • Live's main window can no longer obscure all other windows when using Max for Live devices.
  • Previously, Live might fail to access MIDI ports if the Max editor was open in the background at program launch.
  • The Max patcher window is now correctly sized on Windows.
  • Text in message boxes would sometimes appear cut off.
  • Various nodesnames attribute improvements.
  • Fixed issues with adding new objects to presentation mode.
  • poly~: fixed a crash which might occur when muting messages in nested poly~ patchers.
  • Seq object now properly records MIDI.
  • umenu and would block the Max scheduler while the drop-down list was displayed.

10.0.2b1 Release Notes

New features and improvements

  • Fade handles now snap to the nearest grid position, unless the "ALT" (PC) / "CMD" (Mac) grid modifier key is used. Fade handles also snap to time signature changes. Note that grid snapping does not apply to fade curve handles.
  • When nudging a time selection in an automation lane, the automation outside the selection remains unchanged.
  • Added support for IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O.
  • Live now uses real musical symbols to display sharp and flat pitches.
  • Improved Live's perfomance when resizing audio clips in the Arrangement.
  • Added a gap between the handle and the track of the scrollbar in the Arrangement and Session View.
  • Sharpened the appearance of the triangle that appears above bipolar knobs.
  • Adjusted spacing between devices and meters in device chains.
  • Adjusted the color of the Arrangement Overview frame to increase visibility in dark Themes.
  • Changed the color of Drum Rack label to increase visibility in the Dark Theme.
  • Adjusted the spacing below Session View's horizontal scrollbar so that it is centered.
  • Adjusted the selection frame in device groups and corrected inconsistencies in the look and behaviour of the Sampler device.
  • MIDI note chasing now works when:  
    • scrubbing in the Arrangement View.
    • restarting transport using "Shift" + "Space" in the Arrangement View.
    • scrubbing in the Detail View of an Arrangement clip.
    • scrubbing in the Detail View of a Session clip.
  • On Windows, Live now cleanly shuts down when a user logs out, shuts the computer down or reboots it. It also displays a message explaining why it is preventing the computer shutting down, giving the user 30 seconds to abort shutting down and save the Set.


  • Previously, when freezing a track, the hatched pattern that indicates frozen tails would also erroneously appear in the track's clip headers.

  • Previously, start and end markers for unwarped audio clips were erroneously quantized to the grid.

  • Creating a warp marker could trigger scrolling of the selected clip under certain circumstances.

  • The "Select Track Content" context menu command would not work on multiple selected tracks.

  • Previously it was not possible to delete files or directories with names containing slashes.

  • Previously, toggling Automation Mode would create an Undo step.

  • Improved the drag and drop handling on HiDPI screens. Previously, dragging a file from Explorer into Live would show the file at the wrong position in Live (Windows only).

  • Fixed a bug which caused text to overflow on top of the frame containing the browser's search field.

  • Fixed a bug which caused clips to be incorrectly colored when added to a Live Set, if an .asd file was previously created.

  • On Windows 10 with HiDPI displays, dragging and dropping within Live, into Live, and within scaled plug-ins now works as expected. Please note that dragging and dropping from Live to other programs or to HiDPI-aware plug-ins may still cause issues when HiDPI Mode is active.

  • Fixed a bug where sequences of visually short borderless notes would be nearly invisible if crowded into overlapping pixel areas.

  • Fixed a minor visual issue affecting corners in grouped devices.

  • When undoing the deletion of a note while in Arrangement View, the Clip View zoom level unexpectedly zoomed in to that note.

  • Previously, scrolling the Arrangement's mixer section with a mouse wheel was not possible.

  • Tracks in the Arrangement View would scroll out of view completely when toggling Automation Mode, if the currently selected track was not visible.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when duplicating a nested Group Track containing a plug-in with an active modal dialog while Live's second window was open.

  • Fixed a bug which caused a "Preferences.cfg corrupt" error when importing Preferences from 32-bit Live versions.

  • Fixed a crash which occurred on startup under certain circumstances.

  • Added info texts translations for Drum Buss, Echo, Pedal and Wavetable devices.

Changes for Push

  • Added bank definitions to Wavetable for third-party control surfaces.

  • Improved the display of Live's color palette on third-party control surfaces.

  • Added bank definitions to Pedal, Drum Buss, and Echo for third-party control surfaces.

  • Envelope visualizations are now available for Wavetable on Push 2.

Push bugfixes

  • The clip color palette for Push 1 was updated to match the Live 10 color palette.
  • The Push 1 browser would not display entries correctly if Live's language was set to Japanese.
  • Push 2's display failed to indicate that an automation existed for certain Wavetable filter parameters.
  • The On/Off icon was missing for the Pitch Envelope in Operator on Push 2.