Live 10 Beta Release Notes

10.0.2b2 Release Notes

New features and improvements:

  • Improved Wavetable's impact on CPU under certain circumstances.


  • Previously it was not possible to adjust the loop start position in unwarped audio clips without quantization.
  • AU plug-in default presets (.aupreset files) were no longer shown in the Live 10 browser.
  • Files from the "Current Project" label might fail to appear in the browser under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a Live Set contained "{}" characters in its name.
  • Upon loading a Live Set, the clip envelope parameter selection would not be restored in the Detail View.
  • When double-clicking and dragging a slider control, the mouse cursor would not be hidden as expected, if Pen Tablet Mode was disabled.
  • Meters in Live's mixer would appear as stuck when loading a Set.
  • Fixed a minor inconsistency in the height of Arrangement Clips and Clip preview notes.
  • Improved UI performance on Windows when resizing Arrangement clips.
  • The Note Ruler in the MIDI Editor can now be double-clicked to vertically zoom to all used key tracks. In a multi-clip editing scenario, notes of all clips are taken into account, whereas previously only the notes of the foreground clip were considered. Additionally, fixed a bug which prevented the vertical zoom state from initializing correctly under certain circumstances.
  • The Arpeggiator device could lead to crashes under certain circumstances.
  • Changing the control values of quantizing parameters (like Chord device's Shift parameters and Simpler/Sampler's transpose parameters) by key up or down would stop working at certain values.
  • AU plugin parameters might behave erratically when being controlled with the mouse, under certain circumstances.

Changes for Push:

  • It is now possible to select wavetables in the Wavetable device on Push 1.

Push bugfixes:

  • Fixed envelope slope visualizations in Wavetable on Push 2.

Max for Live changes:

  • File copying is now faster (this affects building standalones and Max For Live devices).
  • Restored Hints functionality.
  • live.gain~: height no longer changes when changing font.
  • Live could crash when deleting a Max for Live device which had a fullscreen window.
  • Live's main window can no longer obscure all other windows when using Max for Live devices.
  • Previously, Live might fail to access MIDI ports if the Max editor was open in the background at program launch.
  • The Max patcher window is now correctly sized on Windows.
  • Text in message boxes would sometimes appear cut off.
  • Various nodesnames attribute improvements.
  • Fixed issues with adding new objects to presentation mode.
  • poly~: fixed a crash which might occur when muting messages in nested poly~ patchers.
  • Seq object now properly records MIDI.
  • umenu and would block the Max scheduler while the drop-down list was displayed.

10.0.2b1 Release Notes

New features and improvements

  • Fade handles now snap to the nearest grid position, unless the "ALT" (PC) / "CMD" (Mac) grid modifier key is used. Fade handles also snap to time signature changes. Note that grid snapping does not apply to fade curve handles.
  • When nudging a time selection in an automation lane, the automation outside the selection remains unchanged.
  • Added support for IK Multimedia iRig Keys I/O.
  • Improved Live's perfomance when resizing audio clips in the Arrangement.
  • Added a gap between the handle and the track of the scrollbar in the Arrangement and Session View.
  • Sharpened the appearance of the triangle that appears above bipolar knobs.
  • Adjusted spacing between devices and meters in device chains.
  • Adjusted the color of the Arrangement Overview frame to increase visibility in dark Themes.
  • Changed the color of Drum Rack label to increase visibility in the Dark Theme.
  • Adjusted the spacing below Session View's horizontal scrollbar so that it is centered.
  • Adjusted the selection frame in device groups and corrected inconsistencies in the look and behaviour of the Sampler device.
  • MIDI note chasing now works when:  
    • scrubbing in the Arrangement View.
    • restarting transport using "Shift" + "Space" in the Arrangement View.
    • scrubbing in the Detail View of an Arrangement clip.
    • scrubbing in the Detail View of a Session clip.
  • On Windows, Live now cleanly shuts down when a user logs out, shuts the computer down or reboots it. It also displays a message explaining why it is preventing the computer shutting down, giving the user 30 seconds to abort shutting down and save the Set.


  • Previously, when freezing a track, the hatched pattern that indicates frozen tails would also erroneously appear in the track's clip headers.

  • Previously, start and end markers for unwarped audio clips were erroneously quantized to the grid.

  • Creating a warp marker could trigger scrolling of the selected clip under certain circumstances.

  • The "Select Track Content" context menu command would not work on multiple selected tracks.

  • Previously it was not possible to delete files or directories with names containing slashes.

  • Previously, toggling Automation Mode would create an Undo step.

  • Improved the drag and drop handling on HiDPI screens. Previously, dragging a file from Explorer into Live would show the file at the wrong position in Live (Windows only).

  • Fixed a bug which caused text to overflow on top of the frame containing the browser's search field.

  • Fixed a bug which caused clips to be incorrectly colored when added to a Live Set, if an .asd file was previously created.

  • On Windows 10 with HiDPI displays, dragging and dropping within Live, into Live, and within scaled plug-ins now works as expected. Please note that dragging and dropping from Live to other programs or to HiDPI-aware plug-ins may still cause issues when HiDPI Mode is active.

  • Fixed a bug where sequences of visually short borderless notes would be nearly invisible if crowded into overlapping pixel areas.

  • Fixed a minor visual issue affecting corners in grouped devices.

  • When undoing the deletion of a note while in Arrangement View, the Clip View zoom level unexpectedly zoomed in to that note.

  • Previously, scrolling the Arrangement's mixer section with a mouse wheel was not possible.

  • Tracks in the Arrangement View would scroll out of view completely when toggling Automation Mode, if the currently selected track was not visible.

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when duplicating a nested Group Track containing a plug-in with an active modal dialog while Live's second window was open.

  • Fixed a bug which caused a "Preferences.cfg corrupt" error when importing Preferences from 32-bit Live versions.

  • Fixed a crash which occurred on startup under certain circumstances.

  • Added info texts translations for Drum Buss, Echo, Pedal and Wavetable devices.

Changes for Push

  • Added bank definitions to Wavetable for third-party control surfaces.

  • Improved the display of Live's color palette on third-party control surfaces.

  • Added bank definitions to Pedal, Drum Buss, and Echo for third-party control surfaces.

  • Envelope visualizations are now available for Wavetable on Push 2.

Push bugfixes

  • The clip color palette for Push 1 was updated to match the Live 10 color palette.
  • The Push 1 browser would not display entries correctly if Live's language was set to Japanese.
  • Push 2's display failed to indicate that an automation existed for certain Wavetable filter parameters.
  • The On/Off icon was missing for the Pitch Envelope in Operator on Push 2.