Track selection and device control encoders

The APC40 features an intuitive way of controlling effects and virtual instruments. Eight endless dials and four control buttons map to your devices automatically for flexibility and speed on stage or in the studio.

Device control

Instant mapping

The Track Selection buttons route the eight endless encoders to the first device or device rack on that track, with LED rings to automatically show you the levels on the selected parameter.

Four buttons below the dials give you additional control options. Clip/Track lets you switch between viewing the devices on a track or the devices of the clip currently playing on that track. Device On/Off turns the currently selected device on or off. Device Left and Device Right (indicated by two arrows) shift you one step sideways along a track's device chain.

Device parameter banking

Some effects or virtual instruments have more than eight parameters. When holding down the Shift button, these eight buttons let you select eight banks of eight device parameter controls.

Device parameter banking