The Bridge: Refine your Mixtapes

Forget about having to start a mixtape from scratch because of a mistake at minute fifty-nine. The Bridge is the ultimate mixtape creation tool, letting you export your Scratch Live mix as an Ableton Live set.

Owners of Rane SL1 and SL3 interfaces get their pre-fader audio laid out in Live's arrangement view, with track name and placement (but without automation). Owners of Rane mixers get more, as fader movements, EQ tweaks and crossfader cuts on your DJ mixer are recorded as automation and can be edited after the tape stops rolling.

Before you start your DJ set, choose save as '.als' from the recording menu within Scratch Live. Instead of recording an audio file, you'll get a fully automated Ableton Live Arrangement, complete with song placement and automation data (depending on which Rane hardware you own).

You can edit your Ableton Live Set: add new loops, apply effects, adjust your timing, smooth out your fades and correct any slip-ups. Not only does The Bridge streamline the mixtape process, you also get additional tools for tweaking your mix.

Exactly what gets recorded into the Ableton Live Set depends on the Serato Scratch Live or ITCH hardware you're using.