Introducing OSCiLLOT by Max for Cats

A complete modular synthesizer system for Ableton Live

Berlin, Germany, January 29, 2015

Ableton, in conjunction with Max for Cats, is pleased to present OSCiLLOT – a Max for Live-based polyphonic modular system with more than 100 freely patchable modules and dozens of pre-patched instruments and audio effects. Users of Ableton Live can build their own synthesizers and audio effects generators simply by connecting together OSCiLLOT’s modules with virtual patch cords – no programming knowledge required. Complementing its extensive collection of modules, OSCiLLOT also boasts a number of features that makes it both fun and educational for Live users to explore the near-infinite possibilities of modular synthesis.  

OSCiLLOT by Max for Cats is available immediately for $99 / 79€.

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OSCiLLOT in-depth

Endless potential

Among the included modules are a wide variety of oscillators, filters, mixers, modulators, amplifiers, sequencers, and more. With these, Live users can patch together their own FM, additive, or subtractive synthesizers, as well as filters, convolution reverbs, mixers, frequency shifters, sequencers, drum machines, compressors, and much, much more. There is practically no limit to the type of instrument, or effect device that can be made with OSCiLLOT, and since the experimental nature of modular synthesis often leads to happy accidents, the potential for the user to discover previously unheard sounds is great.

Learning by doing

For Live users who are new to modular synthesis, OSCiLLOT makes it easy to get started with dozens of included pre-patched instruments and audio effects. These can be used as they are or, as starting points for users’ own creations. An additional learning resource is the detailed description of each module’s function and features that can be called up in OSCiLLOT’s Editor window.

More than an emulation

While it faithfully emulates a CV/gate/trigger-based modular hardware system, OSCiLLOT also provides a number of features that are only possible (or feasible) with software. Six voices of polyphony, the ability to annotate and save patches, and the choice of straight, curved or even hidden patch cords all make OSCiLLOT as convenient as it is powerful.

Specialist appeal

Although no programming knowledge is needed to patch together the modules, Max/MSP enthusiasts can make and modify their own modules – Max for Cats has made an SDK available. Further modules are also in the works, these will be announced and made available through Plus, owners of hardware modular systems, or any other CV/gate-enabled instruments can easily integrate OSCiLLOT into their set-up – provided they have a non-DC coupled audio interface.

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