Trap Drums

by Sound Oracle

Southern hip hop pioneer Sound Oracle puts the power of his in-demand trap beats in your hands with a Pack of 20 crisp, futuristic Kits and Clips created especially for Live 12 and loaded with MPE functionality.

Included with Live 12 Standard and Suite.

Included with Push 3

Revered Atlanta producer Sound Oracle has been tapped up for beats by legends like Jay-Z, Timbaland, Drake and Justin Timberlake. The hip hop heavyweight has pulled together two Packs to celebrate the launch of Live 12, channeling his extensive experience into Kits and Clips perfect for rap production, and equally inspiring for all kinds of other styles. 

Trap came to the forefront as a genre in the 2000s, as the dusty sampling of old-school hip hop gave way to a futuristic, synthetic new sound. Trap beats have their roots in the TR-808’s snappy percussion and booming low-end, but innovative producers started embracing new digital techniques to get the top end even sharper and the sub-bass even heavier. 

In this Trap Drums Pack, Sound Oracle has applied his expertise to 20 Kits loaded with weighty kicks, whipcrack snares and sizzling hi-hats. Adding to the futuristic potential in these Kits, each one comes with additional effects which can be dialed in manually or applied with MPE-enabled controllers. This was created with Push 3 in mind, allowing you to apply different amounts of effects to each drum hit depending on where you trigger a pad when laying down a beat. From subtle touches to wild variations, no two hits have to sound the same and your trap-style drums will move in ways you never imagined. 

Pack contents

  • 234 total drum samples
  • 20 Drum Racks
  • 12 MPE-enabled kits
  • 20 MIDI Clips

Pack Requirements

Included with:

  • Live 12 Suite and Standard
  • Push 3 (with Live 12 Intro or above)

Note: Re-authorize Push 3 in order to install this pack on Push Standalone.

Included with Push 3

Included with Live 12 Standard and Suite.