Session Drums Club

by Ableton

Session Drums Club is a multisampled library of world-class acoustic drums recorded with plenty of natural room ambience to impart realistic depth and an organic vibe in the rhythm department.

USD 99

Included with Push 3

The 4.5 GB of sampled drums in this Pack are divided up into eight Standard Drum Racks and eight MPE Drum Racks. Each Rack represents a complete kit captured in a great-sounding acoustic space, reminiscent of classic recordings of the past.

The individual Drum Hits include kicks of various sizes played with felt or plastic beaters as well as snares, sidesticks, rim shots and toms.

The ride, crash, splash and china cymbals as well as the hi hats come in a variety of sizes and articulations played via the pedal and tip or shank of the stick. Tambourine and cowbell samples are also included.

The kits load as Drum Racks with eight Macro Controls for tuning, envelope and EQ for each individual Drum Hit. Each drum in the Drum Rack also has its own channel and can therefore have its own effects and routing. The MPE Kits are designed specifically to play well on MPE-enabled controllers like the new Push, where users can add extra depth and control by varying their finger position and pressure during performance.

Session Drums Club also includes 20 MIDI Clips in various styles and patterns played by renowned professional session drummer Shawn Pelton. Each Clip loads with a full drum kit and you can easily swap out the entire Drum Rack or individual Drum Hits to create your own custom kit.

Session Drums Club was created in collaboration with Chocolate Audio.

Included with Push 3

USD 99