Retro Synths

by Puremagnetik

Retro Synths contains more than 4,000 samples from the greatest classic synths of the past three decades, including rich bass from the Minimoog, acid squelch from the Roland TB-303, and the classic digital "phase distortion" synthesis from the Casio CZ-series.


More than samples

Retro Synths is made of samples, but the included Instrument Racks are much more than samplers. The hardware synths represented in this collection are known for their individual sonic and control characteristics, from the filter on the TB-303 to the Korg Wavestation's joystick controller. These attributes are reproduced here, through extensive multi-sampling and intelligent macro controller mappings.

Instant retro

Retro Synths is versatile and immediately usable in Ableton Live. The Instrument Racks are mapped with controls inspired by the original hardware synths, and can easily be used with one of 82 included Live clips to get instant retro sounds.

Retro Synths also expands beyond the possibilities of the original hardware synths - the included Instrument Racks allow for detailed editing, layering and mapping beyond the hardware sources. To get really gritty, Retro Synths' raw samples are available for making a customized hybrid monster synth.

The latest update to Retro Synths introduces two new collections: "Modular Patterns", a huge set of thick basses, resonant leads and other sounds and phrases played on classic analog modular systems, and "Opus", featuring the lush string, brass and organ sounds of the Moog Opus 3.

Retro Synths includes the following "Micropaks" from Puremagnetik:

  • Analog Bass Volume 1, an impressive selection of over 50 multi-sampled Instrument Racks from classics such as theĀ Minimoog,Ā Roland TB-303,Ā ARP 2600, andDoepfer Modular.
  • Analog Bass Volume 2, featuring a diverse series of sounds from theĀ Korg MS-20synthesizer.
  • P-50 Linear, an elaborate collection of Instrument Racks from the legendaryĀ Roland D-50Ā "Linear Arithmetic" digital Synthesizer.
  • Phazeform Volume 1, with the captivating sounds of theĀ Casio CZ-1Ā and its unique Phase Distortion synthesis.
  • String Machines, with more than 250 MB of lush sounds directly from the string synths of the 1970s.
  • TeeBee, the ultimate sampledĀ Roland TB-303Ā - perfect for heavy acid bass lines, squelchy resonant leads and other thick analog sounds.
  • Vector, which instantly turns Ableton Live into a full-blown production workstation, with a huge library of wave sequences, attack transients and vector morphing from theĀ Korg Wavestation.
  • Vintage 80s Classics, a stunning collection of lush 1980s synth sounds from the Oberheim Matrix 6.
  • Waveframe, featuring complex, evolving sounds from the classic Ensoniq Fizmo wavetable synthesizer.
  • Newly added:Ā Modular Patterns, a huge collection of thick basses, resonant leads and other sounds and phrases played through analog modular systems.
  • Newly added:Ā Opus, featuring the lush string, brass and organ sounds of the Moog Opus 3.