Radio Slave for Live

by Sample Magic

Get the unique sounds of legendary techno DJ and producer Radio Slave, perfectly integrated into Ableton Live. This techno toolkit includes over 500 MB of synth, bass and drum loops, as well as customized Instrument, Drum, and Effect Racks. Combine, edit, and personalize the sounds to build your own tracks.


Radio Slave is an internationally-renowned DJ and producer, whose unique blend of house and techno has yielded a string of acclaimed releases and an equally impressive catalog of gigs and residencies. Sample Magic’s Radio Slave for Live brings his sounds to you, perfectly integrated into Ableton Live and ready for use in your own music.

Slave to the Rhythm

Radio Slave for Live is a toolkit for techno production. The included loops (recorded at 125 BPM) and drum hits can be combined, edited, and personalized in countless ways to make your own tracks. Radio Slave features the following:

  • 133 Drum Loops - divided into three styles called "Heavy,” “Lite,” and "Thrash."
  • 98 Top Loops - drum grooves without low frequencies; perfect for layering and adding texture to your own beats.
  • 87 Synth Loops - chords, melodies, and sound effects. Clip names include the key, making it easy to mix and match various loops.
  • 53 Bass Loops - synth bass loops in a variety of styles, from punchy to ultra-low. As with the synths, clip names include the key.
  • 1 Drum Rack and 14 Instrument Racks featuring 295 Drum Hits - make your own loops using exclusive sounds from Radio Slave. Convenient controls let you quickly select from the range of samples.

There's no prep work required for Radio Slave for Live - all included loops are pre-warped and come with custom Effects Racks, and the Drum Rack and Instrument Racks are designed to sound great right away. With all loops recorded at 125 BPM, plus key information readily displayed in the names of the Bass and Synth loops, Radio Slave is instantly usable and customizable in Live.