Plucked Strings

by Cinematique Instruments

From sharp, staccato plucks to gentle tremolos, infuse your music with the evocative tones of a ronroco, a Celtic harp, and guitar and bass harmonics.

USD 99

Plucked Strings brings together a set of stringed instruments with unique sounds: a ronroco, a Celtic harp, and the harmonics from a set of electric and acoustic guitars and basses. Carefully recorded to capture the characterful timbre of each instrument, the samples in this Pack feel just as suited to experimental sound design as they do to alternative pop, folk and ambient cinematic music.

Each instrument comes in two forms: a standard mode, featuring several basic playing articulations along with a natural-sounding reverb, and extended mode, which includes more experimental effects processing, and in some cases additional playing articulations. The result is almost forty different tones to play with, from sharp staccato plucks to gentle, reverberant swells of sound.

The instruments

The ronroco – a plucked string chordophone, similar to a mandolin, that originates from the Andean region of South America.

The Celtic nylon harp – a nylon stringed version of a traditional Celtic harp whose emblematic shape is just as captivating as its delicate sound.

Guitar harmonics – harmonic notes taken from several acoustic and electric guitars and basses, recorded to capture their warm sound. To produce harmonics, strings are plucked with a special technique that cancels out the fundamental pitch and amplifies its harmonic overtones instead.

Cinematique Instruments

Cinematique Instruments was founded in 2009 in Cologne by Rene Dohmen and Joachim Dübeck. To produce their samples the pair focus on using unique instrumentation and atypical recording techniques. Their work on film scores was recognized in 2017 with a German Music Authors’ Prize for audiovisual media.

Pack contents:

  • 6 multisampled instruments

  • 23 MIDI clips

  • 4 demo Sets

  • Over 900 samples

USD 99