Max for Live

Performance Pack

by Iftah

Open up new possibilities for live performance with four Max for Live devices from Iftah. Control practically any part of Live with advanced macros, capture snapshots of your Set and deploy them later, instantly loop your current location in Arrangement View, and pre-arrange the structure of a song with clips that Live fills as you perform.

Included with Live 12 Standard with Max for Live and Suite.

New in Live 12

Performance Pack is a set of Max for Live devices from Iftah that bring more creativity and flexibility to performing with Live. Each of the four devices offers an intuitive solution not yet found in Live’s built-in features to a particular performance-related challenge, whether it’s having complex, custom control over multiple parameters in one place, or simply looping your location more easily in Arrangement View.


The Pack’s core device, Performer, is a modular macro control device that lets you use multiple faders, crossfaders, buttons and dials to interact with practically any part of Live as well as external gear. Add your own controls, rename them, rearrange them to meet your needs or even mimic your physical MIDI controller and use the Macro Editor to dial in complex curves.


Take a snapshot of your entire Live Set, and Variations will store it for you, ready to redeploy later. Variations even lets you choose which parts of your Live Set to include or exclude, so you can save everything from simple modulation routings to a complex, interconnected Set with recorded audio, MIDI, plugins and Max for Live devices. Plus, you can also use a clip or a scene to recall the state of your Set.

Arrangement Looper

Arrangement Looper lets you quickly loop your location in Arrangement View. Its interface features four customisable loop lengths, which can be toggled on or off. Perfect for anyone looking to buy more time at the end of a track or sequence.


Prearranger lets you arrange clips before you even start recording, and have Live fill them with the content of your live performance. Record into a source clip, then have that same clip reappear at predetermined points later on in your Set. This lets you loop audio and structure entire recordings without interacting with Live during your performance. 

New in Live 12

Included with Live 12 Standard with Max for Live and Suite.