Magic Racks

by Sample Magic

Packed with edgy sounds, spectacular effects and powerful mix processors, Magic Racks is a one-stop composition, mixing and mastering toolkit for dance music producers and live performers.

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Magic Racks incorporates 18 Instrument, Drum and Audio Effect Racks to equip you with an array of versatile sound generating and essential signal processing devices – all designed with dance and electronic music in mind.

The Drum, Lead and Bass Racks give quick and easy access to a diverse library of percussive and melodic sounds, ideal for sketching out new tracks and adding original parts to existing ones. Bass Rack and Lead Rack each feature their own bank of 32 core samples, as do the eight Drum Rack components (Kick, Snare, Open and Closed Hi-hat, Percussion, etc). Each of the Instrument and Drum Racks boasts a bespoke Macro-controlled effects chain with which to filter, modulate, distort and otherwise shape them.

The Creative FX Racks, meanwhile, constitute a range of signal processors built to take sounds of all kinds into wild and interesting new directions. From the formant filtering and complex atmospherics of Mouth Mixer and Psychedelizer, through the frequency-divided distortion and five-delay acrobatics of Multi-Band Mangler and Ultra Delay, to the reconstructive trickery of Glitch Machine, these adventurous chains are anything but run-of-the-mill.

More conventional but no less useful are the Mixing and Mastering Racks – these comprise a powerful set of studio tools for deployment on individual mixer channels and the master output. The Channel, Drum and Mastering Strips combine dynamics and EQ in a trio of modules geared up for general ‘workhorse’ usage, polishing drums and percussion, and final mastering, respectively; while the Maximizer and Mid-Side Meddler enable serious loudness boosting and stereo image manipulation.