Lost and Found

by Ableton

Foley recordings, DIY instruments and unique percussive samples designed to infuse your productions with character and authenticity.

Included with Live 12 Suite.

New in Live 12

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Lost and Found takes as its inspiration the unexpected sound sources of the everyday, from household objects and flea market finds to the organic materials and natural elements that surround us. 

Dig into the collection and you’ll quickly find something to make your own. The delicate resonance of a wine glass used to create a reverberant soundscape. Nostalgic plucks from an old music box pitched down and repurposed as a bass lead. A crisp, metallic xylophone to add depth to a synth pad. Or just indulge in the simple joy of exploring a curated library of sound, with no particular goal in mind.

Lost and Found includes 28 Instruments with a wide variety of unusual and authentic timbres, like a DIY plastic guitar, a kazoo and a mid-century Capri fan organ. The Pack also makes it easy to quickly create natural-sounding rhythms, with seven Drum Racks bringing together many of the  percussive sounds in the collection – including textures from objects like a steel water bottle, an analog clock and submerged objects – as well as bespoke Macro Variations to help kickstart the creative process. Start playing and you’ll soon uncover an unexpected melody, harmony or pattern that you’d never have been able to produce with a standard instrument.

Pack contents

  • 28 Instruments, including a multisampled music box, melodica, metal xylophone and many more
  • 7 Drum Racks, including dozens of Macro Variations
  • Hundreds of samples, including underwater textures, button sounds and percussive household objects
New in Live 12

Included with Live 12 Suite.