Max for Live


by Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) & Liine

For the 2010 reincarnation of Plastikman, Richie Hawtin's grand artistic vision required the masterminds at Liine to design a Max for Live device to help the tour become reality. 'Kapture' saves the state of your Live Set as a preset that can be instantly recalled.

Richie Hawtin's legendary performances as Plastikman are a world-wide phenomenon. To pull off his ambitious 2010 tour, Richie enlisted previous technical collaborator Gareth Williams to help him manage the rapidly growing Plastikman Live set. This was the catalyst for bringing the newly formed Liine team on board. Together they built a Max for Live device that could manage the complex configuration of parameters necessary to make the show happen.


Using the Kapture Device

Kapture was designed as a "preset manager for the whole of Ableton Live," and allows you to take a snapshot of the state of your Set and save it as a Kapture preset.

You can then select one of your presets from the drop-down list to instantly recall the state of an entire Live Set. Although Kapture was built for the stage, it can also be used in the studio to, for example, quickly compare multiple versions of a mix.

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