Future R&B

by Sample Magic

Blending the warmth of classic soul and R&B with the precision sonics of contemporary hip-hop and trap, Future R&B is an an all-in-one construction kit for one of today’s most exciting genres.

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Future R&B provides all the necessary elements for quick and authentic track creation with 1.6 GB of samples, MIDI files and Drum Racks. The extensive selection of audio loops includes not only tight drum machine beats and powerful bass, but also a lush and varied array of blissed-out analogue synths, delicate keys, pitched vocal cuts and warm atmospheres. A vivid palette of drum, bass, synth and FX one-shots lets you flesh out your tracks with as much detail as you wish. All sounds were crafted by Sample Magic with the finest analogue synths, drum machines and outboard gear for a truly rich and punchy sound throughout.

Future R&B’s drum loops and one-shots folders are packed with the sounds of classic TR-808 and 606 drum machines. For instant beats, choose from any of the 408 mix-ready drum loops – presented complete and broken down into their component elements. More hands-on producers can roll their own rhythms from scratch with five Drum Racks, each containing a full kit of 16 sounds. 29 minimalistic, subs-heavy basslines provide a solid foundation for the 30 synth and keyboard loops – ranging stylistically from sinuous and upfront to washed-out to woozy – and 25 artfully processed, sliced-n-diced vocals. 85 music loop construction kits are also on board, comprising in-key sets of lead lines, chords, pads, arpeggios and more – just the place to look when you need a bit of tuneful inspiration.