Max for Live

Chaos Effects

by Amazing Noises

From premium Max For Live developer Amazing Noises comes a pair of anarchic effects for sound designers, glitch producers and explorers of uncharted sonic territory: Dedalus Delay and Stutter Switch.

USD 39

Dedalus Delay transforms its input signal by continuously granulating and modulating two feedback delay lines to produce a labyrinth of echoes. These are further shaped using low- and high-pass filters, high frequency damping and overdrive. The delay time for each line can be freely adjusted in milliseconds, synced to Live’s master tempo, or set to a discrete musical pitch (in hertz) for very short comb filter-style ‘tonal’ delays.

Dedalus Delay

Apply Dedalus Delay to existing audio clips and virtual instrument tracks, or run it on an active audio input for live performance processing. It specialises in complex but musical granularization, distortion and delay, producing everything from reverb-like ambience, subtle chorusing and rhythmic pulsing to evolving resonance, wild layering and straight-up noise. It's ideal for conjuring glitchy variations on ordinary drum loops, making synth and instrument lines move and pump in time and space, and generally reconstructing anything you care to feed into it.

Chaos Effects

The other half of Chaos Effects is Stutter Switch, a rhythmic gating and stuttering effect that incorporated feedback delay, switch modulation and an envelope generator. The incoming audio signal is rhythmically ‘switched’ on and off by a stream of envelopes/gates, with each switch subdivided into a fixed or randomly variable number of ‘stutters’, then fed back to the input by a delay circuit for further slicing.


Envelope following and a choice of Gate or Insert modes enable you to shape the gating action, and like Dedalus Delay’s delay lines, the timing of the switches is definable in milliseconds, note values or pitch frequency – the last opening up the potential for amplitude modulation effects. After slicing and stuttering, the signal is pushed through Stutter Switch’s filter, overdrive module and random panning function for a gentle massaging, mangling beyond recognition or anything in between.

With their clearly laid-out interfaces, intuitive controls, unique sound and informative real-time displays – showing Stutter Switch’s gate activity, and the stereo imaging of Dedalus’ processed signal – Chaos Effects are a powerful, addition to the effects arsenal of any forward-thinking electronic producer.

About the Developer

Maurizio Giri is a composer, electronic musician, teacher and Max MSP programmer. He is the author of a series of books on Max MSP programming with Alessandro Cipriani.

USD 39