64 Pad Lab

by Mad Zach

Five extensive Drum Racks tailored for use with Push’s 64 Pad mode, produced and compiled by finger drummer par excellence Mad Zach.


This Pack fully exploits the newly added ability to map all 64 Ableton Push pads to the cells of a Drum Rack. Each of the Pack’s five Drum Racks can be used to create complete tracks entirely on its own or as one element of a broader project.

For this Pack, Mad Zach drew on an array of analogue drum machines, synths and outboard processors, and the result is an impressively diverse library of hits, melodic sounds and FX perfectly suited to all electronic styles, from hip-hop and drum ‘n bass to EDM and bass music. Alongside the core drums and percussion, you'll find basses, leads, atmospheres, vocal blips, risers, backspins, breakdowns and more.

Within each Drum Rack, Simpler's free-running LFOs have been employed to provide hit-to-hit variation, while dedicated busses enable multiple sidechain key signals to be applied to any Compressor on any sound, helping to deliver a tight, cohesive mix. Auxiliary reverb and delay chains are also on hand, for dialling in polish and sheen.

With live playability at the top of the agenda, the various sound types are mapped consistently from Drum Rack to Drum Rack, encouraging the development of muscle memory and making it easy to switch between them without the need to adapt your playing style. Similar sounds are grouped, too, so that accidentally (or deliberately) hitting a pad adjacent or close to the one you were aiming at will usually trigger something from the same sonic family.

Also included with 64 Pad Lab is a short series of Lessons on the art of finger drumming by Mad Zach himself.

64 Pad Lab is a must-have for owners of Push, in particular, but no Live user should miss out on this essential freebie.