Get started with Ableton Live

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New to Live? This is your springboard.
Choose from video tutorials and browser-based learning tools and dive right in.

Make your first track in Ableton Live

Explore the basics of sampling and make your first hip hop track with this tutorial from our friends at Splice.

Discover Live’s unique creative features and learn how to make a bass-heavy track from start to finish with this 7-part series from one of our favorite creators, Anna Fruit.


Watch the full series on YouTube ›

Learn Live step by step

Get to grips with almost any feature in Live, just a few minutes at a time. We picked out a handful of our own tutorials to get you going – for more, you can head directly to the Learn Live page.

Setting up your projects

Lesson 1: Setting up your audio interface

Connect your interface and adjust the audio settings.

Lesson 2: Configuring your audio ins and outs

Set up Live’s inputs and outputs.

Lesson 3: Using your sounds and samples

Bring your own sounds into Live, plus create and save custom drum racks.

Lesson 4: Using third-party plugins

Create with third-party instruments and effects. 

Lesson 5: Installing Packs

Add new sounds and devices to your library with Ableton Packs.

Lesson 6: Saving your sets

Learn the different options for saving your work in Live. 

Navigating the interface

Lesson 1: Live’s user interface

Find your way around Session and Arrangement View, and the Browser.

Lesson 2: Transport Bar and Follow behavior

Use keyboard shortcuts for playback and follow behavior.

Lesson 3: Arrangement View

Get more familiar with the Arrangement View.

Lesson 4: Live's Mixer

Set the volume and stereo position of your tracks with the Mixer.

Lesson 5: Tracks

Understand the different types of tracks and how to use them.

Lesson 6: Live's Browser

Find what you need and organize your sounds in the Browser.

Lesson 7: Detail View

Explore the different tabs of Live’s Detail View.

Lesson 8: Session View

Discover the many creative possibilities of Session View.

Getting started with MIDI

Lesson 1: Setting up MIDI

Connect and configure your MIDI devices in Live.

Lesson 2: Recording MIDI

Learn how to record MIDI, plus loop and add to your clips.

Lesson 3: Capturing MIDI

Capture the MIDI you’ve just played.

Lesson 4: Quantizing MIDI

Correct the timing of notes you’ve recorded. 

Lesson 5: Sequencing MIDI – part 1

Program and edit MIDI sequences.

Lesson 6: Sequencing MIDI – part 2

Learn more about working with MIDI clips.

Lesson 7: Editing MIDI clips

Edit your MIDI easily with these shortcuts. 

Learn the basics of music-making

Practice music theory and sound design principles with our interactive online lessons. No experience or equipment needed.

Learning Music

Play with the building blocks of beats and melody right here in your browser.

Get started making music ›

Learning Synths

Begin making sounds from scratch with these web-based exercises.

Get started using synthesizers ›