Universidad de la Música G Martell

G Martell

Based in Mexico City, G Martell College of Music & Audio has been offering excellence in qualified training in all areas related to the music and audio industry for more than 26 years. The institution has become the leader of its kind in Latin America. Since the beginning, G Martell has been at the cutting edge, offering the most advanced technology and the best facilities.

G Martell integrates training in electronic music and DJing, in which students have the chance to learn everything they need to develop a successful career in the electronic music and DJ scenes. The program uses Ableton Live 8 as the main platform, and classes are structured around theory and hands-on practice, covering the whole process of making music from scratch, building up to complete songs and musical projects, as well as sound design, remixing and live performance production. Also covered is digital mixing for the DJs of tomorrow, integrating the use of the new Akai APC40 control surface.

G Martell offers a wide variety of options in academic programs, from a six month DJ course to a one-and-a-half-year bachelor's degree in Electronic Music Production, covering all the essential aspects of the trade, from sound synthesis to audio mastering for electronic music.