Certification FAQs

What can I expect from an Ableton Certified Trainer?

An Ableton Certified Trainer is an Ableton Live expert who communicates technical information in a clear, concise and engaging manner. To ensure that Ableton Certified Trainers have the instructional skills and technical competency to deliver quality training, Ableton requires all trainers to successfully complete Ableton Trainer Certification. During trainer certification, instructors must demonstrate their expertise in Ableton Live and music production, as well as instructional presentation skills.

What can I expect from an Ableton Certified Training Center?

Ableton Certified Training Centers are committed to providing superior training to Ableton users. Each certified training program delivers dedicated Ableton Live courses in facilities approved by Ableton.

Do all courses by Ableton Certified Trainers or Training Centers follow a standard curriculum?

Our aim is not to standardize Live training by imposing a rigid set of Ableton certification requirements, but rather to define a standard set of teaching skills, product knowledge and essential concepts to be conveyed in any curriculum. Ableton certification ensures that the trainer knows Live well and is a skilled instructor; we have given trainers and schools the freedom to define the content of their Live training and tailor dedicated courses for various kinds of users.

How can I become an Ableton certified trainer?

if you're interested in applying for a scheduled Certification Program Event in your area, please visit the webpage for that event and follow the application process detailed there. For a list of currently scheduled events please visit this page.

I run a school or head a department and I'm interested in becoming an Ableton Certified Training Center. What should I do?

We are always excited to hear from institutions whom wish to apply for Certified status: please write to certification@ableton.com.

What can I do if I'm not completely happy with the training I receive from an Ableton Certified Trainer?

First, you should give direct feedback to the trainer, ideally while the course is still running. Teaching means also learning from students and talking about learning expectations and learning difficulties. A good teacher will react to your feedback by improving things on the fly. If necessary the trainer will explain things again, differently. Tell them what you want to learn and help them to help you by talking about it openly and honestly.