Teaching creative expression requires tools to help students develop their technical skills and inspire them to find their own artistic voices. Through Ableton Live’s intuitive and easily grasped interface, students have access to a comprehensive digital audio workstation that encourages experimentation with its unique, non-linear workflow and customizability.

With this flexibility, Live has proven itself to be an essential instructional resource for a wide range of curricula – from the fundamentals of music production to advanced, multi-disciplinary artistic practice.

From creative tools for musicians and producers, to installations in museums and theaters through the fields of film, television, and advertising, Live software is the enabling technology behind countless real-world audio applications. Mastery of Live gives graduates foundational knowledge for careers in the creative industries.

Both a powerful DAW and a versatile creative platform, Live allows you to teach broad fundamentals of composition and performance.

Improvisation and experimentation are encouraged though Live’s unique Session View. Creative possibilities can be expanded with the programming environment Max for Live – a completely customizable creative laboratory, opening the ability to teach connections between code, art, technology and music.

Students can also learn the fundamentals of digital composition in a more instrumental context with Push, Ableton’s hardware instrument. With hands on control of rhythm, sounds and song structure and a uniquely creative approach to melody and harmony, Push puts the building blocks of music making at a student’s finger tips.

Find out what Live is, and why it’s great for making music of all kinds.

Installation and Integration

Ableton Live is easy to roll out in a multi-client institutional environment. Compatible with license server technology by Sassafras, multiple instances of Live can be managed dynamically over a network, allowing for easy resource management and compliance.

Live also integrates with the software and hardware already in use at your institution - our specialists can visit you to help set up Ableton Live.

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Pricing for educational institutions and universities

We offer discounts of up to 25% for institutional multi-licenses and when bundling Ableton products with student course materials. Discounts of up to 10% apply to Push. Primary and secondary schools can take advantage of institution-wide licenses on Live Intro.

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Offers for students and teachers

Students and teachers can save up to 40% individually. Visit the shop to find out more.

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Our Push Trade-in program will see thousands of Push 1 units refurbished and given to initiatives and institutions that otherwise couldn’t afford it. Apply for free trade-in units here.