Organizing an Ableton User Group

We’re very proud of the global Ableton community, and we firmly believe in the benefits that come from collectively pooling knowledge and sharing inspiration. Ableton User Groups began so people could come together to build meaningful connections with like-minded music makers while helping to foster creativity and experimentation.   

Ableton User Groups are an easy and fun way to make friends, trade tips, acquire new skills and find collaborators in your area. They can be as big or small as your location requires, and there are no strict rules about how and where they take place. We encourage you to start the User Group that works best for your community.

If you’re interested in organizing an Ableton User Group in your area, all we ask is that you are prepared to arrange a minimum of three or four meet-ups per year, have access to a location to host free events, and that you keep your group active online. All Ableton User Group meet-ups should be free and inclusive.

Being a grassroots community initiative, it’s up to the User Group organizer to pull all this together, but Ableton is here to support you in any way we can. As well as offering some free swag for your attendees, we can help you build your community, assist with event promotion, offer discounts and connect you with a worldwide network of User Group organizers. 

Running a really great User Group requires dedication, passion and time, but the outcome and connection you and your community build and the music you make together are definitely worth it. From unexpected inspiration and unlikely partnerships to an overall leveling up of social as well as musical skills, there are no limits to what can be achieved. 

Want to start an Ableton User Group in your area? Click here to apply!