Assessing Project Learning

How you evaluate student work will depend on your school's curriculum priorities and assessment methods. Below, we have listed some considerations that may inform how you assess and give feedback on the creative challenges.

Assessing student projects

  • Technical demonstration: Did the student follow the assignment? Did they complete all the required steps? Is the melody/chord progression four bars long?

  • Aesthetic intent: Does the melody/chord progression have a musically satisfying structure, rather than being a random group of notes or rhythms? 

  • If the student changed the mix or instruments, do the sounds blend, match or compliment each other?

  • Can the student articulate their musical goals? Does the project meet those goals?

Consider viewing the elements of this project through the following learning lenses

  • Critical thinking

  • Critical listening  

  • Technology literacy

  • Creativity and musical exploration

Practical tips for how work may be shared

  • Uploading audio files of finished tracks to the school’s Learning Management System

  • Uploading Live Sets to the school’s LMS (be sure that students have clicked Collect All and Save. They may also need to convert Live session folders to .zip files.)

  • A “pass the aux cable” style group listening session

  • A live performance in front of peers

  • A written or verbal reflection of the process