Ableton Beta Program


We aim to ensure that Ableton Live is completely stable music software. As Live supports so many different workflows, hardware setups, and installed plug-ins, there are too many scenarios to test them all by ourselves - to do so, we need your help . Therefore the goal of this beta program is to find and reproduce all non-intended behavior in the newest beta version that is not present in the most recent release version.


  • License: To participate in the Ableton Beta Program you need a registered license for Ableton Suite 8 or the full version of Live 8
  • Automatic Updates: Automatic software updates will always be enabled for all beta versions and cannot be deactivated since we need to ensure tests with the most recent version.
  • Usage Data: Sending usage data will be always turned on for all beta versions and cannot be deactivated. The data will be connected to your Ableton account, so we can react quickly and contact you if we need your help to investigate certain problems.
  • Communication: From time to time we may contact you via email to gather your opinions and thoughts.

How to Help

The collected usage data provides us with a lot of information about stability, so you already help a lot by just using the latest beta version.

But to fully analyze the bugs you experience, we need your active involvement. Therefore we created a dedicated page at GetSatisfaction for communication. We encourage you to use this page to discuss the problems you discover, and see if others have a similar problem. After accepting the above conditions, you will be routed to the download page. The GetSatisfaction page can be accessed by clicking the feedback link on the download page.

Note: Although beta versions contain bugfixes and other improvements, they have not been tested as thoroughly as official releases. So if you do critical studio or performance work, you might want to stay with the release version.

Joining the beta

The Ableton Live 9 beta is currently at maximum capacity. We will gradually be expanding the number of available testing slots as the beta continues, so please check back regularly.