Live Courses

Producertech's website is an online school created by certified trainer Rob Jones that offers two courses on Live, taking students with little or no experience right up to advanced-level production and music making. The courses are both modular and, once signed up, students simply log in to the site and watch each lesson as and when they like, taking things at their own pace. Both courses come with a downloadable course pack, containing Live sessions for each module, Loopmasters audio samples and a Novation Bass Station soft synth. Plus, there are written notes for every lesson, so there are plenty of additional materials for students to work with.

At any stage of working through the course, students can email Producertech with questions about Live or music production in general, or send private messages or upload posts to the forum, where they can discuss issues with other students or trainers, so there's plenty of support available. Rob also encourages students to send in their tracks so they can receive feedback on their music and see how improvements can be made. At the end of the course, students can download a signed certificate of completion as proof that they have undergone Producertech's Live training.

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