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New Partner Instrument: Sample Magic Riemann Tech-House Kollektion


We're pleased to announce a new Partner Instrument from Sample Magic, the Riemann Tech-House Kollektion! The Kollektion features over 500 MB of deep electronic grooves perfect for tech-house, minimal, or other dance or glitch productions, including beats, throbbing basslines, finely-sculpted drum hits and spacey effects. The Riemann Tech-House Kollektion was custom-programmed by Florian Meindl, Format:B and Shlomi Aber.

The Kollektion features "Loop Factory" Live Sets, built to mix and match its extensive Clips to come up with fluid and infinitely varied beats. Check out the Riemann Tech-House Kollektion in the Ableton web shop, and hear some sound demos of what it can do below: