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More Info on ProjectSAM Orchestral Ensemble Essentials

We've been pleased to see such a positive reaction since the release of our latest Partner Instrument, ProjectSAM Orchestral Ensemble Essentials (OEE). We'd like to address some questions we've received about the differences between OEE and the Ableton Orchestrial Instrument Collection (OIC). Please see the following comparisons:

  • OEE and OIC are separate instruments containing different samples. The sample sets of the two instruments do not overlap.
  • While OEE features only ensemble sounds, OIC features both ensemble and solo instrument sounds.
  • OIC is a highly detailed orchestral collection. It features finely-grained mapping of multisamples - to greater level of detail than OEE.
  • OIC contains a greater variety of orchestral instruments: in addition to solo and ensemble brass, woodwinds and strings, it also features a full selection of orchestral percussion. OEE features ensemble brass, woodwinds and strings. Some of these can optionally be double with xylophone or piano.
  • OEE also features an assortment of one-shot orchestral effect samples. 
  • OEE is recorded close-miced, while OIC features more room tone from the recording. 

We hope this information helps you in understanding and evaluating OEE and OIC.