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Everett Bradley: Sugar Rump Fairies

Happy Holidays my brothers and sisters. In this package, my keyboard player and arranger Daniel Mintseris and I have created a very special funky gift for you. From my new holiday/funk album HOLIDELIC, I've taken Peter Tschaikovsky's "The Nutcracker-Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" and served it up with a side of funk. This track is deliciously renamed "Sugar Rump Fairies." There are plenty of yummy mixed down audio files of a live funk band, classic 808 drum sounds, P- funk style vocals, and live classical clarinets and flutes. It's up to you to throw your own spices into this bumpin' holiday classic. Enjoy.

Happy Holidelic, Everett.

Download Everett Bradley's Live Pack here

Filesize: 245 MB, Requires Live version 8.2 or higher