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Addison Groove's Favorite Music Software


Tony Williams aka Addison Groove has been busy since we last checked in with him, releasing a full-length debut for Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label (also home to Phon.o), and touring constantly. Tony recently shared some choice opinions on his favorite music software with Computer Music magazine, and had this to say about Live:

"Ableton saves lives - or careers for that matter. I can sit in my lab, open it up and have a track finished in four hours’ time thanks to the ease of Ableton. Using it in ReWire with Logic, I am armed and ready to piss off any neighbour with thrust-worthy basslines and strange beats.

A thing I love is that it’s got Akai and MPC grooves built-in, so I can be out in my garden with my top off jacking against my clothes line. POWER!"

Learn more about Tony's use of Live for his productions, including on signature tune "Footcrab".

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