windows 7 ableton constantly crashes

I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with an RME babyface

The system is TOTALLY bare bones all I have installed is

Windows 7 Home edition (not the like bundled one that comes with the laptop but a straight from MS basic install)
Drivers for the interface (interface is totally updated firmware and drivers)
Ableton 8.2.2
ESET Virus software (that I've tried disabling and working without and Ableton still crashes)

I don't have any vsts any plugins any third party software.... Nothing..  And it crashes at the most random times... I'll have a set open with one clip and just click the stop button... BOOM

And whenever ableton crashes the process won't shut down like I open task manager and hit end task and nothing. 

Also I have to completely shut down the computer. If I just do a restart ableton continually crashes. I have to completely shut down the computer unplug all the USB devices, boot the computer and than plug everything back in... :-(

I'm running a Lenovo Edge 0570
it's an i5 core processor with 4 gigs of RAM

I need to figure out what's buggy


I know this is probably opening up a can of warms... But is Ableton just that buggy in windows?  I mean even the MIDI system on W7 seems messed up... Like there's a bug in W7 where midi gets stuck and you have to just play a bunch of notes for it to free up (someone at AKAI pointed this out to me)... Also sometimes switching between sets my MIDI just goes out sometimes...   On a different windows system we're running Cubase 6 all legit and it usually crashes on us once or twice a session as well :-/ 


Thanks ahead of time


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  • judoman
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    I've been using Ableton Suite (currently 8.2.2) on Windows 7 x64 for about a year, and it hasn't crashed once.   It works brilliant, actually.

    I'm currently running atop a Dell Latitude E6510 laptop with 8GB RAM and a i5 Core.  Not too far from yours, eh?  My interface is a firewire-based Focusrite Saffire.

    Try uninstalling eset and retrying.  Also, try stressing out your system using the following apps:





    The first two can work together.  Launch TMonitor, which should show all your CPU cores running at max clock speed when running a stress test like Prime95.  Let it run for 15-60 minutes.  If TMonitor shows notable sags on some cores, you've got a thermal issue that could be the source of your Ableton crashes.

    Next, use Memtest86+ to test your system memory.  Nothing can cause a lockup in a big program like Ableton like an intermittent memory burp.

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  • Dennis DeSantis Ableton staff
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    Answers is really not the optimal place to report crashes. Instead, please contact technical support:

    Because our support team can analyze the data in your crash packs, they can provide information specific to your particular problem that users on Answers simply don't have access to.

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