when recording in a big project, is there a way to prevent the delay?

I'm a long time live user let me explain what i mean by this.


Live has a built in latency compensation, and my projects often end up full of vsts a massive channels, however even when something is not playing in them you get a noticeable delay.


Now when recording my guitar along with my newly created backing track, it is like playing through a delay, in fact I've even come to unconsciously compensate.


But it is annoying, please don't tell me to bounce the tracks this does not work, is there no way of enabeling "Live Monitoring" on the recording audio track, in fact it cannot be totally live as I need to hear it from through it's own vsts and amps


If anyone knows please let me know, it's the biggest problem with using Live, well live, this stuff isn't noticed by dj's but it'd be noticed by their mc's


mescalin 1 year ago | 0 comments

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