Use Max for Live to unlink a MIDI clip's tempo from the global tempo?

Hi friends, I'm looking for a way to use Max for Live to unlink the tempo of a MIDI clip from the global tempo of the Live set. Ideally, the M4L device would have a fine tempo-change dial, course tempo-change dial, and some way to snap the clip back into alignment with the tempo/beat-number of the Set. It would also be nice if there were some options with this last item; for instance, the clip may snap back into tempo with the Set, but the user has the option to choose what beat it snaps into, i.e. the following 1/4 note (or 1/2 note, or 1/8th-triplet, etc.) in the clip snaps to the following global 1/4 note (or 1/2 note, or 1/8th-triplet, etc.). And these may not even need to be the same values—the unlinked clip, for instance, could go on about its business until the next global measure begins, at which point beat 2 (or some other user-defined beat) of the previously freewheeling clip would snap to beat 1 (or some other user-defined beat) of the global bar. 

Any ideas?

Bonus: what if the user could also choose the amount of time over which this snapping-back-into-place occurs (absolute time / Live-synced)? When a button is pressed, the unlinked clip starts aiming/moving toward the tempo of the overall Set. Maybe it takes 2 minutes to realign, or maybe it takes 2 bars? 


zacharybarr 4 years ago | 0 comments

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