Unable to play all the voices of a VST instrument in live

Hello there,

I am loading Omnisphere in a midi track and it is playing, but it is allowing me to play only the middle octave and few more notes, but not all the 49 voices on my midi keyboard. I checked in Omnisphere if the voices are limited for some reason, but they are not. Interestingly, when I play the same instrument in another DAW, it plays teh full range. Does anyone have an idea what this can be?



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  • cygnal
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    In a DAW, everything goes through a track, so...

    Obvious guess is you're playing on multiple channels in split mode, but your Live tracks are not picking up all the channels.

    Live has MIDI stream indicators all over the program, allowing you to check if the MIDI data is actually reaching your tracks.

    Be sure there are no MIDI effects on the receiving tracks either.

    There is a also a disk overload indicator in the top-right corner, in case your HD's struggling. Then you should switch to RAM mode in Omnisphere.

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  • JamesMiles
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    It may possibly be happening at your MIDI controller.

    If your MIDI controller supports splits, you may be transmitting MIDI note data on two (or more) MIDI channels.  M-Audio Axiom (and Axiom Pro, Axiom Air) series, Code series, Keystation Pro, Akai MPK, Novation Remote, and others support this feature.

     Some other DAW's (Logic in particular) will combine all incoming MIDI notes and send them to MIDI channel 1 of the AU/VSTi.

    Ableton may be correctly sending the MIDI notes to another channel that Omnisphere may not have instruments assigned to.

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