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I'm having trouble using a Swing groove from the groove pool on a midi clip I laid down. If I make it into an audio file and use warp markers the swing groove works but I don't seem to see it working on just the midi clip, does this mean I need to make all my track lines into audio in order to swing them?


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  • r_v
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    You definitely do not need to convert midi tracks into audio tracks in order to use grooves on them; grooves can apply to both audio and midi.


    A common misconception with grooves is that users expect to see a visible effect on the track as soon as the groove is applied. In fact, you will not see a visible effect on the track until you press the 'Commit' button, but there should be an audible effect as soon as the groove is applied.


    The result of a groove depends on the content of the track it is applied to. For example, if you choose a groove which is 16th note based (e.g. 'Swing 16-99') and apply it to a track which has no 16th note content (only 8th or 4th note), then you won't hear or see any difference.


    In order to check whether grooves are working on your midi parts, I suggest making a simple midi pattern and testing it with quite an extreme groove. For example, make a midi drum pattern with a kick at 4/4 and a single closed hi-hat on the 16ths, then apply the 'Swing 16-99' groove to that clip. You should hear a noticeable difference.


    There are also a couple of other things to watch out for in the groove pool: make sure that you groove you are using has Timing set to 100% and make sure the global amount is set to 100%.


    One other thing to note, just in case, is that grooves apply only to clips and not to the track as a whole. That means that, if you apply a groove to one midi clip on a track then play a different clip from that track, then the second clip may not necessarily have the same groove as the first.

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    i find the groove is best applied to a midi track that plays the audio.  Groove applied to audio causes drop outs and a horrible feel. 

    Its cool to have different grooves...sometimes the bass can have some swing and the drums be straight. 

    Better ways to get drum grooves are varying the velocity of the off 16ths, this creates a nice groove and forward motion.

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