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Hi friends,

So all my songwriting is me playing all instruments but for drums I used canned loops.

In the current Im working on, I would like to take current loop beat (wav) and convert it to midi so that I can then on the new midi track insert an Ableton kit i choose and then edit the beat.

I know this is possible but dont know how.

Thank you





Sebastian 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • Near Earth Object
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    First of all, you need Live 9.
    Select the loop/clip you want to convert and right click on it. Then select the midi conversion you want from the list that appears (in your case, convert it to rythms).

    Live wil create a new track with the rythm parts as midi. Hope this is what you need.

    Ableton Live courses

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  • Sebastian
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    Thank you!


    cant do this with Live 8?

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