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how could I slide a guitar in the midi instrument libary in Ableton?

Is there an effect available?


Many thanks


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    When it comes to mimicking an instrument, some lend themselves to synthesis a little better than others. Although I don't have much experience with this particular instrument, a couple things come to mind that might at the very least help you get started.

    • Automate Pitch - Start toying with automating the pitch of your MIDI instrument. If done right, this can give you the feel of sliding up or sliding down to the next note much like a slide guitar. This could also really be helpful for creating that vibrato feel to certain notes.
    • Automate Volume - Slide guitar gets louder as you slide from note to note and slowly decays in volume the longer you sit on a note. Automating the volume might help give it a more realistic feel.

    Again, I'm no slide guitar expert but these things might help you get started!

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