Shortcuts stop working in Ableton - just an error sound

Ive got an annoying problem that in Ableton - after a while working a project the short cut commands stop working and an error beep sounds. Cant work it out. The only way to sort it is restart the program until it happens again. Im sure its something simple but it beats me! Really messing with work flow. Any ideas?


Im using a mac book pro btw. I used to use a PC and never had this problem. 


Olly B 6 years ago | 0 comments

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  • cutwithflourish
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    I think I've run into this before on Mac with other apps (and possibly Live too).

    My guess is that you've got an application or OS dialogue somewhere that has the focus of the app, but is hidden behind it (or off sceen). Using something like Expose (for windows from just the current application the shortcut is F10) to find the dialogue and deal with it, then Live should accept shortcuts again.

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  • Olly B
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    Thanks for answering

    i thought that was it as that is the noise you usually get but I cant work it out still. I can still start/stop the transport with the space bar in live so it seems to me live is 'engaged'. Its only the shortcuts that wont work. It must be something easy!!




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  • jarod_gibson
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    no answer. this happens intermittently for me as well. It is a mystical error. 

    1 year ago | 0 comments

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