Set up my usb audio interface. but...?

I am using live lite 9. on laptop with win 8.1

I bought a behringer umc22 audio interface, I have got it running and recording but have a couple of weird problems.

1. in Preferences the devices is not show in the Audio device section it just shows ASIO4ALL. v2, Behringer does not show at all. {there was no driver with the device and it seemed to auto install when I plugged it in.}


2. I can record my bass but it is picking up EVERY surrounding sound, e.g. if I have the TV on in the background it picks up the tv in the recording, if a car drives by it picks that up too, even though the bass is connected by a guitar cable direct to the unit.

This doesn't seem correct to me? I have no microphone plugged in at any time.



I had hoped to play bass along to beats I made, but the extraneous noise is making it impossible..


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    About the audio interface: if it does not show up in the preferences, that probably means that it has no dedicated driver, but uses the asio4all driver. Does not matter, as long as it works.

    About the recording:
    First, check if you do not have any recording channels turned on that should not be on. Also make sure you are not also recording something from any internal mic or whatever.

    If the audio goes through a direct connection from your guitar, maybe it is so sensitive that it picks up the surrounding sounds as well. So try changing the sensitivity. Another helpful thing might be to put a gate effect on the recording track, and set the threshhold high enough to remove the background noise.

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