Session step _playback_ of clips

I've read the manual online, Googled, etc. but I can't find if this has ever been asked (it doesn't help that googling terms like "Live" "Sequencer" "Step" are so common...)

If you are familiar with Roland's drum modules, they have a built in seq. that has a playback mode called "tap" play. Hit a pad (in Live terms, trigger a note) and it steps through the sequence one note/step at a time.

1) So imagine I have a clip that's a 2 bar MIDI sequence (say... an arpeggio, or chord progression, bass line, etc.)

2) I set session up so that every time I hit my kick pedal on my e-drums, it sends Live MIDI note #60 on Channel 10

3) When Session sees MIDI note #60/Ch10 it will play next note in clip and stop, waiting for next trigger note

This has GOT to be possible, right? But I can't find any documentation, videos, etc. that show how it's done.. Am I using the wrong words/terms?

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MonkeyDrum 2 years ago | 0 comments

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