Replacing APC40 by ableton PUSH

hey guys,

I currently use an APC40 for dj sets & i'm loving it.
however, it's a rather big device and would like a (slightly) smaller device that i'd be able to store in my backpack.
(i have one of these APC UDG bags and they're soooo huge)

I'd also like a controller I could use for intuitive producing & beat making in the studio
(the APC40 fails horribly in this regard) ...
so that's where the Ableton Push comes in.

so i went to the local music store w/ my laptop to test a unit & see if i could use it to replace the APC40.
apparently not ... unless i'm missing something.

my gripes with it:
in SESSION mode (the mode i'll be using all the time when performing) i can't re-map any of the buttons/knobs ...
which is pretty horrible. even the most basic of controllers allow this.
and in USER mode i don't have a 8x8 clip launching matrix.
(sure i could manually assign the buttons to the matrix, but then i wouldn't have any visual feedback on which slots have clips loaded into them etc ... which is less than ideal).

can anyone think of a 'best of both worlds' solution regarding ableton Push?
i'd like to have the SESSION mode with the customizability of the USER mode.


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    I guess you could use both side by side. It might also be useful to check out the apc40 mk2. It is smaller and has been redesigned, including rgb colour feedback.

    11 months ago | 0 comments

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