Push vs APC40, APC20, or Lauchpad... Does this make any sense?

I'm taking a big step in getting set up musically, which I'm still green at, so if I'm going to be getting the Push console is it really necessary to get the APC40, APC20, or launchpad? My purpose is production and life performance- with self-made tracks, live instruments, and push instruments/synthesizers/effects.


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  • Near Earth Object
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    Mainly depends on what you want to use every controller for.
    Push is more of an 'instrument' for making tracks.
    But it has no dedicated faders or knobs to tweak effects etc. Which comes in handy when performing live.

    My advivce would be: buy one controller, get to know it, and then see what it is you are missing in terms of control. After that you can buy the controllers you think you need (or don't get any if you don't need it)
    Simple as that.

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  • joeldittrich.se
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    How I use them

    Push: for production
    APC40: for Live performance (track 1-8)
    Launchpad: for Live performance (track 9-16)

    But there are of course a lot of overlap in functionality.

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