Pitch Bend and Mod Wheel delay/glitch with hardware synths (Solved)

I am having an issue when using pitch bend and mod wheel with my hardware synths. I have a JP-08, JX-03, and Microbrute, and for all three the pitch bend and mod wheel data is delayed and glitchy. My midi keyboard is the Nektar Impact LX61.

Just to clarify, let's say I'm holding a note on my midi keyboard and push the pitch bend up. The synth will ignore it for a split second, and then suddenly jump up in pitch.  There is no smooth rise or fall.

Also, when I draw automation into a midi clip, it's still delayed and glitchy, and sometimes the pitch and modulation change does not affect the synth at all as if the data is not getting to there.

Can you help?


After solving my issue, I thought I'd provide more details in case someone else has trouble.  I have my midi keyboard plugged into my computer via USB, and all of my synths powered and receiving midi via USB through my computer.  I am not using any 5 pin midi cables as my midi keyboard and Scarlett 2i2 interface does not have any midi ports.  I suspect that if there was a direct midi connection between my keyboard and the synths this whole problem might be avoided, but it's just a guess.  I hope this helps others to save them from banging their head on their desk.


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    OK, I think I figured it out, and maybe it's just because I'm new to using hardware synths in DAWs but here's what I did.

    I increased my buffer size to 512 samples at 44.1k and the delay and glitchiness went away.  Anytime I dropped below a 512 buffer size at 44.1k, the delay and glitches would come back. Setting the buffer size to 512 does cause significant latency while playing, so I just mute the track and switch on direct monitoring and boom, everything works fine!
    Just to experiment, I increased the sample rate to 96k, and I was successfully able to set the buffer size down to 64 samples with almost no delay or glitches in the pitch bend or mod wheel and still maintain very low latency!  Maybe I should just set my projects to higher sample rates from now on?
    Anyways, it seems this fixes my issue.  I'll leave it here in case someone else runs into this.
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