My clips' text went white, randomly. What caused this or what does this mean? This also disabled some MIDI controller functionality...

Some of my clips in session and arrangement view's text went white. Even some channels as well. Simultaneously some of my Livid Ohm RGB controller functions stopped working. This happened randomly after opening my set for playing live. Does this have something to do with the remote script? Thought it was my controller but it looks like an Ableton problem because after this, even opening a blank project and dropping a clip, results in the white text and unstable Ohm RGB functionality, with or without the scripts enabled in preferences. Tried this with different scripts as well, same story.

This is all really weird and doesn't make much sense. Any advice would be much appreciated!


paulvanderwalt 4 years ago | 0 comments

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  • aurochs
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    I'm not sure about your Livid Ohm RGB issues, but the white text is a new feature of the latest version of Live, 9.1.2, which was released yesterday and probably automatically downloaded and installed. The text is designed to improve readability and only appears on contrasting coloured tracks, scenes or clips.

    4 years ago | 0 comments

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