multiple I/O setups / environments (i.e. studio and "live")

Dear Live Geeks,


i'm a Live greenhorn and it would be nice if there is any way to easily switch between different audio interface i/o setups (for different projects - no "automatic re-routing" a la Pro Tools etc. is required).

I have a complex studio i/o setup with ~50 channels and want to use my Mac with ableton just on my Roland E-Drum on another place from time to time to record some drum tracks over it. It offers a simple USB audio I/O and MIDI.

If i change the I/O interface, i assume i will loose my complex studio setup with an Apollo+Audient+Focusrite  setup and i did not want to waste the time to reconfigure the mono/stereo channels each time i swap the place.

If there is no official way - is there any configuration file i can save and "swap in"?

many thanks for any hint or help.




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dettenbach 2 years ago | 0 comments

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