Midi controller to solely control the track im working on

Hi !

I'm using my Arturia keylab25 with Live 9. I want to use the keylab 25 as a midi controller (keys, faders & knobs) to control various VSTs & hardware synths from the same live project. Each track is a different instrument, all of the keylab knobs & faders are used on each track. Similarly to Push, I would like the keylab midi controller to solely control the track im working on (track I selected). Obviously, for the keys it is not a problem but for the knobs & faders, current setup changes values across tracks & its not what I want.

Do you guys know how to do that?



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    I looked around on the Arturia website, and they have an Ableton Remote Script for the Arturia Keylab.

    Have you installed this? If they did the script properly it should work as you want it to


    What should happen -- if they've implemented the script correctly -- is that if you switch tracks in Live, the knobs will control the first device in the selected channel.  The problem is that the knob position won't coincide with the current device's knob positions.

    The best compromise here is to go into the Preferences/Midi and Key Remote Control, and set the takeover mode to "Value Scaling." This is a bit confusing. The manual says that Live "...compares the physical control's value to the destination parameter's value and calculates a smoothe convergence of the two as the control is moved."

    If you mess with this a bit, you'll see what it does.


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    I used the KeyLab25 script but when I load the Analog Lab AU plug-in onto a Live 9 track, none of the snapshot buttons work.  I have been working with Arturia on this but it just does not work.  If you know how to get the snapshot buttons to actually load the assigned sound or multi, i would like to know how you did it.

    By the way, if you press the bank 2 button on the KeyLab25, the knobs and faders will control parameters in Live.


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