Maschine & Ableton Audio Drag

Has anyone else encountered this on Mac?  

Have a beat in Maschine as VST, drag as audio to new track, warp to loop, but the original tempo is wrong in Live (ex. original 100bpm - after drag = 133.7bpm)?  Won't sync properly even though Live and Maschine are the same tempo?  Also doesn't seem to drag the whole loop - missing the last two beats. Oh, and each time I drag audio, it seems to be a slightly different tempo for each loop (one is 133.7, the next is 131.2, etc).

The only way that seems to work for me is to record audio in Live and solo the sounds in Maschine. Very time consuming to record each sound and edit but it's the only way for me to get the correct tempo in the audio loop for now.

Not having this problem in Logic so seemed to have narrowed it down.  Tips or suggestions?



bthomasodonnell 5 years ago | 1 comment

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    This has so ething to do with the loop exporting settings on your Maschine. Change it, and the problem will go away :-)

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