Live, Keith M. Soft Step and Srymon Timeline

So I have the following products.
Live 8 lite
Keith M. Soft step midi controller /with expander
Strymon timeline

I play guitar and trigger loops with my feet via soft step into Ableton. It works great.

My goal....I want to externally tap out the tempo for Ableton live with my feet. I can do this on the soft step however the soft step is exactly that, soft... and I don't get a good tactile feel for tapping tempo.

Additionally since the timeline has midi in' and out's it would be great to synchronize the timeline with Ableton live for loops and delay sync. So when I tap out tempo on the Timeline I want Ableton to reflect (is that the right word?) the tempo.

I am running midi in and out to the soft step midi expander and the expander connects via USB to my MAC. Has any done this before? Any suggestions are appreciated.


Marcodi 4 years ago | 0 comments

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