Internal MIDI Routing - Latency

I am using Live Suite 9.6.1 on Windows. I'm trying what I think is the simplest possible MIDI routing scenario, and getting a very weird result with certain instruments. Here's what I'm doing:

  1. Drag the Piano Delicacy.adg (not adv) instrument to MIDI Track 7. Make sure it's armed, play a few notes, and everything's perfect.
  2. Go to MIDI Track 6, find the "MIDI To" dropdowns, and pick 7-Piano Delicacy in the first dropdown and 1-Piano Delicacy in the second dropdown.
  3. Arm track 6 and play a few notes. There's about a half-second delay before the notes are heard from track 7.
  4. Switch back to arming track 7 - everything's perfect again.

The same thing happens to clips on track 6 - they play with about a half second of delay relative to the metronome. Put the same clip on track 7 and it's perfect.

I haven't made an exhaustive search, but I quickly tried a bunch of other instruments on track 7, and the problem didn't occur -- even Piano Delicacy.adv was fine. Why would Piano Delicacy.adg behave this way when you route MIDI to it?

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RandScullard 1 year ago | 1 comment

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