Hybrid 3 - vst - browsing presets

Is there any way to browse presets on this


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  • jdudiak56
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  • dozz
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    Need a little help, I found out that I can browse presets by using oxygen25 keyboard. If I press "select" key couple of times which selects between "global, PGM, presets" I can use +/- for browsing presets in Hybrid.  It works when the "preset" is selected but not everytime, sometime i must press "select" few more times .  The question is how can I capture that codes/flow/order (or what is called) ...  when pressing select  so I can make a macro with that control so I can use it on push ? 

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  • ndebello13
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    I use "Dial To Program Change" by Moss (a Max4Live MIDI Effect). It works perfectly. With PUSH too.



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