How should I get started in Producing Disco House?

I'm a huge fan of Disco House music, and really want to get into producing a sample-based track. Any suggestions on how I'd go about getting into something like this?


I'm working with a Launchpad and Launchpad Edition of Ableton Live.


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  • edm Ableton staff
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    I always found gathering and editing samples was where inspiration stuck, and if it didn't I'd at least have a bunch of fresh samples to work with when it did.

    Find or make recordings of music and sounds you're interested in and get them into Live. Get their tempo and warp points set up on the timeline in arrange view and start chopping them up and moving them around. Try chopping them up into a few variations up in the arrange view, then consolidating and copying them to session view so you can play around triggering them live with your Launchpad.

    For drums and other one shot samples I've always found augmenting Live with an external audio editor helps. I use Amadeus on the Mac and found SoundForge great on PC (but that was quite a few years ago now, not sure if it still is great). Scan through records to find bits where sounds are isolated and go through hit by hit, chopping them out into single samples and normalizing them. Live's slice to midi track can also work for you here to help you churn out kits quite quickly if you set up your warp markers right (or have a track that plays fairly straight time). That said, I always found chopping samples manually helps give me ideas.


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    To learn basics about music & ableton live (read the manual! - very good) is recommend. I know this is not the answer you like but its true. Listen to your favorite tracks, learn the ropes of live then you will have a steep learning curve. There are some nice videos on youtube, very good for beginners. Its good to have in mind that music making is not a simple hobby you have always to learn & learn & acquire experience. Good luck!

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